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  • Dear Staff, 
    We are excited to invite you to join our staff this summer. You will IY"H be assuming the position of Counselor at Camp Gan Israel of Ottawa, Ontario

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    Camp dates are July 3rd to August 3rd.
    Counselors must be in Ottawa by Sunday, July 2nd.

    Camp runs from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.
    Early care runs from 8-9 and after care from 3:30 -5:30. All counselors need to be in camp from 8:15 am - 4:00 pm.

    Each week two counselors (this shift will rotate and you will be paid extra for this) will be in charge of helping with aftercare. From 8:15am until 3:30 pm your sole focus is to be involved in camp and taking care of your campers. All forms of personal spirituality, i.e. Davening, Chitas, and other daily Shiurim are to be done before 8:15am or after 3:30 pm.

    - Attend camp every single day of camp. 
    - Be at camp at 8:15 to make sure everything you need for your bunk that day is   ready and be ready to greet the arriving campers at 8:45. 
    - Be at camp until 4:00 to put away everything your bunk used that day and meet       with the head staff about the next day. (Campers who have not been picked up at   3:30 will join aftercare.) 
    - Be on time, all the time.
    - Take care to be well-rested and energetic for the duration of the camp day.
    - Wear camp t-shirt every day (3 t-shirts will be provided by CGI).
    - Look neat and put-together. Follow tznius guidelines.  
    - Greet campers with a smile in the morning.
    - Supervise your campers at all times of the day, especially on trips and at the pool. - Swimming time demands extreme focus and attention. Most pool-related   accidents can be prevented by staff who are readily at hand, interacting with the   children.
    - Participate with your bunk in all activities that are led by specialists.
    - Supervise your campers on the bus.
    - Ensure that your campers are with your bunk at all times.
    - Ensure that your room, and the main rooms are left clean and orderly when   leaving for trips and at end of each day.
    - Ensure that supply areas and closets are left neat and orderly.
    - Give your campers the best summer of their lives!!

    No cell phones should be used during the camp day unless it is specifically stated that it is necessary for communication. Phone cameras cannot be used during camp hours.
    Photos should be taken with the camp cameras.

     We expect that the counselors’ speech should reflect her education as a Bas Chabad:  This includes no mentioning of secular music, (obviously no listening to it either), movies, TV, and the like. The discussions that take place between the counselors and jr. counselors and counselors with their campers need to be using language that befits us, and on topics which are in the spirit of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit  (where the counselor is the mashpia and jr. counselors/ campers are the mekabel, not vice-versa).

     Counselors’ dress must be in line with the laws and spirit of Halacha at all times.  (skirts that cover the knees while sitting, walking etc., necklines that cover the collar bone, sleeves that cover the elbow and socks are all a must.  We ask that you dress nicely and respectfully and please do not bring very tight fitting clothing.) Questionable clothing does not belong in our camp.  The counselors will be required to wear the camp t-shirt to camp each day.  Each counselor will be provided with 3 t-shirts.   

    We expect that the counselors’ behavior be appropriate for someone representing what we represent.  We want the counselors to have a good time, but in a responsible way without causing a chillul Hashem.

    Before and after camp hours, and weekends: 
    - All staff must be in town for the entire five weeks of camp, including weekends.
     A head staff member must know of your whereabouts at all times.
    - Participate in a weekly after camp staff meeting.
    - Assist in preparation of activities and special days.
    - Help in preparation for, and participate in, special "camp activities" with campers.

    What you can expect from us:  
    1) A fun filled, fulfilling and inspiring, Summer.
    2) Our undying, endless appreciation for all your hard work. This includes:

    Each counselor will receive $50 each week.
    Extended Care: Counselors will make a rotation for two hours of after care, you will get paid $50 a week for extended care.

    The camp will provide round trip tickets and pay for one checked piece of luggage.
    CGI will provide transportation from the airport, transportation to and from the airport you are flying from will be your responsibility.  

    The camp will provide a house for the counselors to live in. We make sure the girls have a clean, nice and comfortable living place. We will provide you with a blanket, pillows and one set of linen.

    The staff will be provided with two vehicles. All gas expenses will be covered.
     Camp vehicles will be driven by: Our camp directors, and our two head counselors only, unless permission was given by Mrs. Caytak for others to drive as well. Counselors must be back in the house 11:00pm the latest in the evenings during the week and 12:30 am Motzei Shabbos.  The head counselors must always know where you are.
    Camp will provide the counselors with lunch at camp and a hot dinner each night as well as a fully stocked apartment with foods of your choice. Counselors will be responsible to make breakfast each day for themselves.
    You can choose to stay local and eat by the local Shluchim, spend shabbos with us and we will also arrange places for the counselors to spend Shabbos at other shluchim throughout Ottawa. If you have family members or friends you would like to go to for Shabbos, please let us know.

    Camp will arrange and pay for one trip/ activity during the week or on Sunday. The counselors are responsible to arrange the remaining Sunday trips.

  • Our goal is for you to have an amazing summer experience through doing the Rebbe's work, as well as having an enjoyable time bigashmiyus. We will IY"H do everything we can to fulfill our mission and together we can give the Rebbe nachas by giving Jewish children the summer of a lifetime.

    By checking the box below I agree to these terms and conditions and to follow them with the proper attitude of a Camp Gan Israel of Ottawa, Ontario staff member. I agree to serve as a staff member at Camp Gan Israel of Ottawa for summer 2017.

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