Hello Donna,

It was very special to tell stories to the children today. They were attentive and very willing to participate – such a creative and engaging group of children.

The counsellors did a great job getting the children’s attention when they got distracted every once and a while. Please thank them.

Donna, thank you for presenting me with the envelope of cheques. I thought it was a mistake, but Hannah explained I was meant to keep both cheques. I greatly appreciate this. I’d also like to mention how helpful Hannah was both at the beginning and the end too.

I came away feeling happy – at the connection and fun that took place on a rainy day in a garage – with a wonderful group of people!

Donna, thank you for your helpful emails. Although I didn’t stop my chant or story, it was nice to see you in the garage! I hope the pictures you took turned out well.

If you ever need another storyteller, I’d be delighted to be invited back.

Take good care,